The Church: Organism or Organization?

Part One: Series in the Church

What is taught by the Word of God about the Church in the form, function and expression? Anyone who contemplates this problem starts at the point of asking questions from one, if not the third of this area. This question appeared many years ago in my life because of the struggle that I experienced in applying biblical rational for a career in the full-time ministry.

Coming from the point of view as a professional pastor, I have to wonder why church leadership is very difficult to apply and maintain. The ministry gave the award at times filled with many complications that had no explanation or justification of the Bible. One day the difference that could not be reconciled was accumulating so high so I decided to start from the beginning and review the meaning of the church.

The physical church, where I was a professional part and work that I was looking for was so diligent to acquire, did not represent what I would see from the Thought of New Testament and the early Church activities. I continued to wrestle through this confusion period, asked God to show many areas in the church that had become an important framework for business maneuvers, but did not make biblical sense. So I set out to find the answer to my question.

To begin to answer these questions, I looked around what had become the Church in the 21st century and contrasts with the days of their first century apostles and writings. The difference is clearly surprising. I noted how our contemporary church has included a business style or institutional structure in its daily existence. Amazingly this strategy has absorbed the church in almost every field of form, function and expression. “Ministry box” today is well defined and almost undoubtedly accepted as a legitimate role model.

When I talk to other people about my doubts and discovery, I found the majority of people not interested in the topic “Do we need other reforms?” To have someone question the current model and suggest that we may come out of biblical steps usually seen by suspicion. Prayers for those who read this article are to eliminate cultural suspicions and rediscover core values ​​and simple patterns of services that make the early church change the last twenty-first lifestyle. My hope is that you are enlightened from the Bible and not from the years of Christian tradition that is not supported.

Is the Church of an organism or organization?

One day I experienced a break in trying to understand the nature of the church by asking yourself this fundamental question, “is the church of an organism or is it an organization?” If you answer “organisms,” doctrinal certificates of learning at your home are ready to be sent. We hear it regularly teach that it is indeed “organisms,” but really today, an organism or organization? To be honest, I believe God designed it to become an organism.

But humans in his wisshicks designed the original intention of God and turned it into an organization. I have to be honest with yourself and admit that I have become a part of the problem. Not knowing it, my years in the professional ministry were spent on providing lip service to the expression “organism,” but lived my Christian life in “organization.” Every question and every problem that I experienced with the Church found the way back to the fact that I tried to benefit from the best of the two worlds. Like most, I fell into the trap thinking “organized religion” is a good thing.

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