The Church – Building It or Destroying It


Matthew 16: 13-20. Caesarea Philippians Long is associated with idols; The site for the pagan worship centered on a large stone fa├žade, which Jesus was called in his game with words about “stone”. Worship was directed to the Pot of God of the infidel which was the god of the shepherd and a group of Greek sheep and marked by a goat horn. The title “Son of Man” is the Messianic and Reference degree for Daniel 7: 13-14, who talked about the heavenly figure that God would entrust to authority, glory and sovereignty.

The word “Christ” means being anointed. In the Old Testament it refers to someone chosen by God, which is sanctified for the Office of God and empowered by God to complete a particular task. At the end of the Old Testament period, it referred to the political Messiah who would give birth to Israel from his physical enemy. Jesus rarely used his title for political and national fate.

Peter’s statement in verse 16 literally is “the Son of God, who lives.” This is a clear testimony for the god of Christ. Jews understood that called the Son of God means that the person shares in the essence and attributes of God. The name “Peter” refers to a separate stone, but the word “rock” refers to bedrock or cliffs. There are various interpretations of these basic rocks. Some believe that it refers to Jesus himself; Others believe that it refers to Peter’s confession that Jesus is Christ, the Son of God who lives. Some people think that rocks refer to Jesus’ teachings, while others think that it refers to Peter (this is the general view of Rome Catholicism, although some evangelical theologians share this view).

Hades gate refers to all the forces that oppose Christ, even though some believe that it only refers to death and that what Jesus says is that the Church will not die. According to the Bible study of full life, “this passage does not mean that certain believers, local churches, church or denomination fellowship will never fall into amority, doctrinal errors, or apostasy. Jesus himself estimates that many will fall from faith, and him warn the churches that leave NT faith to change from their sins or eliminate their faces from their kingdom (Mt. 24:10, 11; Rev. 2: 5, 12-29; 3: 1-6, 14-16; 1 Team. 4: 1). Appointment verse 18 does not apply to those who deny faith or to lukewarm churches. “

The keys, talking about verse 19, representing God’s authority delegated to Peter and the Church. Life Study Study Bible mentioned the following: by these keys, the Church rebuked sin and conducted church discipline (Matthew 18: 15-18); Pray effectively for the cause of God on earth (18:19, 20); bind a devil and lose prisoners; announce the guilt of sin, the standard of truth and judgment of God to come; and proclaim the safety and forgiveness of sins for all who repent and believe in Christ. Verse 20 presents something that is puzzle, but Jesus does not want the students at all to publish who he is because of the false ideas that the Jews have about the Messiah; Such fake ideas can lead to a revolution against Rome.

The right Wahyu Jesus means that you will have the right understanding of his church, which is his body. Jesus is the ruler of the Church. To serve him as God includes serving the church, to act for the best interest of the Church. Ephesians 5:25 Instructive, “husband, loves your wife, just like Christ loves the Church and gives himself to him.” For this we can add Ephesians 5:29, “After all, no one has ever hated his own body, but he feeds and cares for it, just like Christ does the church.” These verses clearly show the importance of the Church to Jesus Christ. People claim that they love Christ, but they do not show love to people in the church. Apostle John challenges dichotomy: How can you love God that you haven’t seen but you can’t love people around you that you can see? We are building or destroying the church.

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