Pastoral Calling and the Local Church


Christian ecclesias from the first century church managed by local leaders. Paul has a pattern of appointing elders in the churches (Acts 14:23; 20:17). Paul gave the responsibility of leadership to Timothy in Ephesus and Titus on Crete. Peter in speaking to the elders of the Pontus, Galatians, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithyssia challenged them to become the shepherd of the sheep of God. In fact, he referred to himself as a fellow elder and, therefore, a shepherd. He also refers to Christ as Chief Shepherd (2 pet. 5: 1-4). We see the pattern later in the church of the first century where the provision of local churches was carried out by the elders whose functions would be similar to a shepherd.

The word ‘pastor’ is used once in the New Testament at Ephesians 4:11. In Latin, the word comes from the word pastoral and in French, pastor. The two words were translated ‘shepherd’5. Therefore the word ‘pastor’ is an herdage image that must be a characteristic of local Ecclesia elders.

Pastoral‘ is a adjective words that, in the context that is being considered, bear the following meaning: “Regarding the office and the work of a Minister of Religion.” This definition raises our consideration in this chapter: We will examine pastoral calls in connection with their nature, namely, office, and duties – that is.

Pastoral’s nature

Office and the work of the Minister of Religion or Pastors or Shepherd or Elder, any degree that can be used to appoint office and work, is unique. Anyone can become a pastor but not everyone can become a pastor. Here, we deal with special offices where entries have been derived by divine and human influences. There are calls involved.

We often hear people say, in the local church environment in Sierra Leone, “I was called by God for service.” The leader of a church that began with the last five years and whose church grows rapidly in a quantitative manner describing his call by God because it has happened through dreams. Other leaders went to the area at the western end of Freetown in 1993, took place to live there and began to arrange evangelistic outreach. In a year, he has won several people to Christ and has started a church. This same leader is in the league with other leaders who run their own private ministry (a church). Through an interview with him, it was known that he could not gather along with other leaders so he launched from him to establish his own independent ministry.

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