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It shouldn’t be anything but confusing for anyone who comes to America – who practice religion other than Christianity – when they see how many churches are on certain roads, all of which consider themselves Christianity. According to the list of American churches, there are 386,000 churches only.

While the church is growing rapidly, in the midst of persecution, in third world countries, here in the American traditional church, local no rank again as the only place to go as the main Christian meeting place. Millions of people claim they are getting closer to God but further than involvement with traditional churches. What happened? According to California researchers call the Barna Group, “… new ways to experience and express faith, such as through home churches, the Ministry of Market, and Cyberchurghes, become norms for millions of people.”

A new book by the Founder of the Group, George Barna, titled Revolution, shows that since the turn of the millennium there are major changes that occur in how people experience and express their faith. Based on a series of national surveys carried out by the company for the past 25 years, Barna found that its dissatisfaction with churches of churches, lifestyle changes, and gowing desires to be closer to God, have caused many people to find new ways in God’s ways And with people who are looking for other gods.

In 2000, most American Christian activities occur through local churches. Today, in 2005, during the usual weeks, 9% of all adults attended the church of the house. The even greater proportion (22%) was involved in a spiritual meeting that occurred on the market (eg, with groups of people when they were at work or playing, or in other typical daily contexts). The internet functions as a basis for interactive faith experience for more than one of every ten adults. Personally, even though I attended home churches, having held high school biblical studies for more than a year in a hair studio and the last three years have led a college study of a college in a local coffee shop. In the last few months I have preached twice at a church student, and has taught Sunday school at the local methodical church for a month.

Only yesterday, the pastor of the local Cowboy Church asked if I was interested in teaching the cult class on Thursday that he would open throughout the community and, only this morning, I was invited to take part in outreach with a Baptist College in Oregon. In each example, according to the examples set by the Apostle Paul in Acts Chapter 16 with Lydia in the “First Redawat Church” and with prison in “Slammer Assembly,” this meeting was no less than the Church in all his fullness, “never intended To become a bolt program for a real church.

The findings of several Surveys of the Barna Group were carried out for the past twelve months revealing the characteristics of the population of this emerging people who had to leave the church to find more God in their lives. Referring to these individuals as “revolutionaries” who intend to “become a church rather than just going to church,” Barna believes that this magnitude of this movement into new forms of religious communities will change the face of all religious communities – not only the chrsitian community – during Ten to twenty years ahead.

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