Congregation of God

To the congregation of God that is in Corinth, to those blessed in Christ Jesus, assembled to be holy people with each one of the individuals who in each spot call upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, both their Lord and our own. 

What’s the significance here when he says that the congregation is of God? I think he basically implies that the congregation is made by God and has a place with God. How did God make the congregation? How could he structure it? How does the congregation have a place with God? Paul said that the congregation is of God. At the end of the day, he said the congregation is an offspring of God, so it has a place with God. 

God made the congregation with his own hands. He shaped the congregation from nothing, with his own hands. So God doesn’t work with the congregation only by permitting his youngsters to get his heavenly nature. God framed the congregation. He shaped it with his own hands. God is the mother of the congregation. 

“Mother” (as in “The Divine Principle”) comes from the Greek “mater,” signifying “mother.” As in the protective consideration that God accommodates the profound advancement of youngsters. God made the congregation, God furnished it with his own hands, and the congregation was “conceived.” The congregation was shaped and supported by God’s own soul. God’s own Spirit is at the center of the congregation and leads the congregation. It has been said that if a man had the ability to reveal to us all the names of the stars, yet didn’t tell us the best way to love God, the congregation would be his mom. 

As such, if God had not set up the congregation and made every effort to give his kin profound agreement and force and otherworldly opportunity, the congregation would be the greatest disappointment on the planet. The congregation would stop to be the congregation. The congregation would be dead. It would be a congregation without God. God is the mother. 

How did God set apart the congregation? God set apart the congregation by setting his own Spirit inside it. God made the congregation by sending his Spirit. The congregation was framed by God and still is the congregation since God’s Spirit, God’s own special Son, Jesus Christ, lives inside it and aides and offers significance to the congregation. 

In any case, if God has emptied his Spirit into the congregation, and in the event that the Spirit is one of the manners in which God made the congregation, at that point it follows that the congregation is both an offspring of God and the mother of God. The congregation is both God’s posterity and God’s mom. It is both man and God. The congregation is both human and heavenly. The congregation is both made and supported by God. It is both known and obscure. 

How did God set apart the congregation? He emptied his Spirit into it, he shaped it with his own hands, and he framed it with his own Spirit. Presently when I said that the congregation was framed by God and sent by God, I am not recommending that God needs to work with the congregation. He could simply let it be. Be that as it may, in the event that he doesn’t, on the off chance that he doesn’t furnish it with otherworldly force and truth, on the off chance that he doesn’t furnish it with profound course, at that point it would be a catastrophe for the congregation to die. God made the congregation, furnished it with his own Spirit, and sends his Spirit to support it. In this manner the congregation is both God’s creation and his mom. The congregation is both man and God.

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