Church Growth In Africa

Church Growth In Africa Compared To South Korea

The spread of the gospel in Africa comes at the same time as colonialism and slave trade, the Africans receive the gospel with mixed feelings. Many Africans believe that the Bible is the work of a white man and Christianity as a religion of white people. In the context of African religion is based on ancestral worship, spirits, spiritism and occult who are familiar, and this is the biggest obstacle for the penetration of the gospel in Africa. To isolate ourselves from what they think is the white religion they do and try to build their own traditional African churches that promote African-African rather than piety, of course some religions and worship of the ancestors there are long before Christian proclamation at Africa.

In this article, I will present to you distinguish factors, characteristics, theology, and practices that I believe to lead to the revival and growth of South Korean churches. We know that the South -Korea has the largest church population in our day and it might be the biggest church in Seoul. Korea is now divided into two separate countries namely North and South Korea. North Korea is a communist country and does not really believe in Christianity even though we have Christians in that place still need to be trampled effectively. Communism is a major enemy of Christian proclamation such as Islam.

Through communism and Islam many Christians were persecuted and Martyred missionaries, especially in Japan, North Korea. Philippines, Nigeria, etc. On the other hand South Korea is a state-based faith with a major church population and now one of the leading missionary sender countries in the world. Someone wants to know how two countries are different in terms of approaching spiritual problems of faith. Comparing the economy of two countries you will be surprised that maybe South Korea is more resources than North Korea why? Because when revival broke out in South Korea in 1902 it brought a revolution in the country’s economy.

How did this happen? They are causes that we may note carefully where I believe lead to the resurrection and the growth of South Korean churches. Every Korean desire that 1902 will occur again because it brings the challenges and positive things that are now the fruit of the resurrection. I tried by all means to research and talk to the Korean priest to hear from their mouths what actually caused revival and the growth of Korean churches. Since the resurrection in 1902 God has used South Korean missionaries in many parts of the world sent to the mission. Allow me to put the features and characteristics that I believe lead to the rise of Korean churches compared to the Ministry of Africa.

Mission and Characteristics of the Korean Church

Prayer mountains.South -CoRea is famous for a large number of mountains of prayer. In this country put the secret of the country pray that has become their main characteristic and strong weapons to change the nation. South Korea has many mountain prayers where people go pray and look for God’s face. In this mountains of prayer, prayer sacrifices are offered at any time of the day.

From a distance you can hear loud voices and crying from these mountains when people pray to God according to many Korean missionaries that I have talked about Korea, especially Father Samuel Hong Lee, a Korean missionary in South Africa, Korean stability in politics and preservation Economical results from the prayer offered by the country. Specific prayers are offered for the president, businessman and Korean missionaries in the field throughout the world. What makes the Korean Church different from African churches is the church’s mission.

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